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Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil

Multipower Oil

39 Reviews

Aceite corporal reductor y reafirmante – 100 ml

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Multipower Oil Body Oil is a reducing and firming body oil. A powerful 100% natural formula with Argan Oil, Centella Asiatica and Sweet Almonds. These ingredients create an exceptional product to nourish from the deepest layer of the skin and provide a radiant appearance. All of this thanks to the easy application of this body oil and its rapid absorption.

  • Anti-cellulite effect: reduction of cellulite and contour
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Skin hydration
  • Smoothness and firmness of the skin
  • For all skin types, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin

Its natural perfume will be totally addictive. It combines a citrus aroma of mandarin with a base of rose and wood. A perfect balance between freshness and intensity that, in combination with the natural smell of your skin, will become an addictive aroma.

Multipower Oil Body Oil is a body treatment to reduce volume, prevent stretch marks, reduce cellulite and moisturize the skin from a vegan, natural, #crueltyfree and 100% sustainable formula. Suitable for all skin types.

100 ml | Glass container | Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types | Non-comedogenic | Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

39 Reviews

Funciona de manera excepcional
Muy contenta.
By Marta Ramos on 12/20/2023

Funciona de manera excepcional
Piel suave y tersa al instante.
By Clara Martín on 12/19/2023

Satisfecho al máximo
By Cristina Sánchez on 12/15/2023

Efectividad comprobada
Mi piel está más firme y suave desde que uso este aceite corporal. Recomendado!
By Sofía Ramírez on 12/15/2023

Eficiencia indiscutible
Piel hidratada todo el día.
By Patricia on 12/14/2023

Absolutamente recomendado
Piel muy suave, me gusta
By Sofía Pérez on 12/14/2023

Excede las expectativas
Piel suave y sedosa al tacto.
By María on 12/14/2023

Desempeño destacado
Mejora notable en la firmeza de la piel.
By Verónica Medina on 12/13/2023

Rinde al máximo
Producto es genial.
By Laura on 12/13/2023

Muy recomendado
my bien
By Isabel González on 12/13/2023

Cumple con creces
Un producto excepcional!
By Julia Castro on 12/13/2023

Máxima calidad
soprprendida con producto natural
By Clara González on 12/12/2023

Resultados extraordinarios
Nunca había sentido mi piel tan hidratada y luminosa. Es asombroso!
By Irene Sánchez on 12/10/2023

Funciona de maravilla
By María José Martín on 12/09/2023

Funciona perfectamente
Piel más firme y elástica. Recomendado!
By Lidia García on 12/07/2023

Cumple perfectamente
Efecto reductor increíble.
By Julia Moreno on 12/07/2023

La reducción de celulitis en mi cuerpo ha sido increíble gracias a este aceite.
By Ana Belén Martínez on 12/04/2023

Cumple lo prometido
Totalmente recomendable
By Paula Ramírez on 12/03/2023

Gran desempeño
Brillo natural y nutrición intensa.
By Laura Ramos on 12/03/2023

Desempeño extraordinario
Estoy encantada con los resultados!
By Eva Torres on 12/02/2023

Altamente funcional
todo ok
By Natalia Sánchez on 12/02/2023

Satisfacción garantizada
Cicatrices notablemente mejoradas.
By Carmen López on 12/01/2023

Me encanta este producto y la pena es que no lo hagan en un tamaño más grande
By Luz on 03/20/2022

Envase genial
Buen tamaño para su precio, el dosificador ayuda mucho para aplicar correctamente y guardarlo
By Carlos on 03/12/2022

Lo vi anunciado y decidí probarlo y no me arrepiento para nada. Lo recomiendo porque funciona
By Aida on 02/12/2022

Súper recomendable
Había oído hablar de akytania y decidí probarlo. La verdad es que ha sido una compra acertadísima ya que, yo tengo estrías y cicatrices de color marrón muy feas y gracias a este aceite me están desapareciendo. Yo lo uso 1 vez al día por ahora, y se nota la diferencia poco a poco.
By Irene on 02/02/2022

Piel perfecta
Es un buen producto, llevo con el unos dos meses y lo uso después del baño. Hidrata mucho y no engrasa las piel en exceso
By Helena on 02/01/2022

Perfecto para mi piel
Súper contenta con este aceite corporal, huele de maravilla
By Aitana on 01/27/2022

un 10
Su olor, su textura y lo bonito que es el envase… es una maravilla
By Virginia on 01/25/2022

Lo recomiendo
Me encanta el olor, lo recominedo.
By Barbara on 01/24/2022

Lo recomiendo
Es el mejor producto para hidratar tu cuerpo cada día
By Abril on 01/23/2022

Una grata sorpresa al probar el producto. lo recomiendo.
By Steisy on 01/18/2022

Enamorada del aceite
El aceite es maravilloso
By mariajosecayuela on 01/16/2022

Aspecto perfecto
Se aplica muy fácil y no te deja la piel grasa
By Laia F. on 01/14/2022

Me encanta
Me ha encantado el producto, deja la piel súper hidratada, de fácil aplicación y un olor muy agradable.
By M.Carmen on 01/14/2022

Top aceite
Aceite perfecto, hidrata bastante, es fácil de poner ya que no se derrama. Yo lo compre para el embarazo y no me han salido ninguna estría. Ahora lo uso para la cicatriz de la cesárea.
By Luz on 01/07/2022

Ideal para embarazadas
Aceite corporal sin perfume fuerte, lo cual yo, estando embarazada, agradezco mucho!! El aplicador me viene genial, super práctico, sobre todo para mi que suelo ser bastante patosilla y más de una vez he tirado el bote de aceite al suelo. Viene bien precintado para que no se salga el aceite.
By Carla on 01/05/2022

100% Recomendable
Lo mejor es olor!
By Patricia on 12/24/2021

Me encanta
Lo he probado y es magnífico! Tiene un olor a cítrico que me encanta. Lo mejor es ponértelo mojada después de la ducha,se absorbe muy bien y ya coges rutina. Súper recomendable :)
By luisacrama on 12/14/2021

Visible benefits and results

Multipower Oil is made from naturally-blended oils, whose function is to reduce orange peel skin, reduce body volume, prevent the appearance of stretch marks and deeply hydrate the skin. Multipower Oil is based on almond oil, which provides elasticity and smoothness to the tissues with a highly hydrating action at the dermal level. It incorporates a blend of essential oils based on argan, lemon, rosemary and mint, whose lipolytic and reducing properties are enhanced in the product. This oil not only deeply nourishes your skin, but will provide visible results within just a few days of application.  

An extraordinary formula

Multipower Oil is a body treatment to reduce volume, prevent stretch marks, reduce cellulite and hydrate the skin. Its exclusive formula contains powerful essential oils that will achieve visible results almost immediately. These are some of its super ingredients:

- Argan oil: Known as "liquid gold", argan oil is rich in vitamins E and A, and contains a high quantity of antioxidants. It acts as a powerful dermal conditioner and has protective and nourishing properties.

- Centella asiatica oil: Contributes to the formation of collagen, with anti-aging, moisturizing, emollient, firming, healing and toning properties. It is also an exceptional firming, repairing and regenerating active ingredient for tissues.

- Sweet almond oil: has emollient properties that soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, and soothe skin irritations or flaking.

Innovation and naturalness 

Akytania is a brand born following years of research. Our main objective has always been to develop natural products that take care of the skin and hair from the inside. All our formulas are created from natural ingredients of Mediterranean origin. We are committed to natural beauty, without filters, that cares for your skin and your hair by giving them exactly what they need.

Multipower Oil

After showering, apply 3 pumps to the palm of your hand and spread the product all over your wet skin.

Massage lightly in circular motions until the Multipower Oil has been completely absorbed.

If you prefer to apply it on dry skin, keep in mind that the product will take a little longer to absorb.

Tips akytania: We recommend that you spread the product from the bottom up with a light mechanical massage with your hands. This way, you will help to accelerate the reduction process and your skin will feel much smoother.

Multipower Oil
Multipower Oil100% Natural
Origin Content


What is a body oil?

Body oils are one of the most comfortable formats to hydrate and treat the skin. Not only are they a nourishing treatment, but they also protect and soften the skin thanks to their high concentration of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Their light texture makes for easy application, making them a perfect product for daily care. 


Is it suitable for my skin type?

Of course. Multipower Oil is formulated to be applied on all skin types. It is a blend of essential oils with reduction, lipolytic and highly moisturizing properties. You will achieve visible results, and your skin will be noticeably firmer and better hydrated. 


How can I recycle my Multipower Oil?

Case Bottle 



We have carried out an independent study of Multipower Oil and the results have been as follows:

After 28 days of use (4 weeks) - objective scientific assessment:

- Average increase in firmness of 55%

- Average cellulite reduction of 48%

- Increase in elasticity by 8%

- Decreased thigh circumference by 3%

After 28 days of use (4 weeks) - subjective assessment of the users:

- 94% of users say they would buy this product for their daily body routine

- 90% notice the skin more hydrated and nourished

- 80% of users find their skin softer and less tight

- 45% notice a decrease in cellulite

- 48% notice that their figure is more modeled and an improvement in the area

Multipower Oil Reducing Firming Body Oil Clinical Test Information:

The Multipower Oil clinical test has been carried out by an independent laboratory with a sample of 22 women between the ages of 25 and 50 with medium-grade cellulite (Nümberberg-Müller scale I-III). The study participants tested the product with a wet skin application once a day in the thigh and buttock areas mainly, and also in the abdominal area in a sample container without any reference to Akytania. The evaluations have been carried out after 14, 28 and 56 days. Both objective evaluations with measurements with specialized equipment have been carried out, as well as subjective evaluations where the organoleptic sensations of the product as well as the perception of the results were evaluated.

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akytania Guarantee
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We want to hear you

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akytania Guarantee

We are sure you will love us. If that's not the case, we will give you your money back

Free Samples

With every purchase, you will get free samples of our products

Free Shipping

Always, with no minimum purchase amount

We want to hear you

M to F - 09:00 to 17:00

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