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At akytania you will find the best natural cosmetics with visible results in just 14 days.
Discover our products for your facial, body and hair care.

All our products are clinically tested and are suitable for all skin types (oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin and sensitive skin).

You wil also be able to experience extraordinary results in your hair, whether you have fine hair, oily hair, plain hair, curly hair or damaged hair.

In addition, in our blog you can find the advice of the best dermatologists for skin care, the necessary steps for your facial cleansing routine, etc.

Feel in your own skin and hair, the best products with up to 100% quality natural ingredients with real results: the incredible reducing and firming Multipower Oil body oil, the Crazy Scrub body scrub, the Absolute Repair repairing hair mask, the Glowly Face and Beauty Booster day and night facial serums… and much more.

The benefits of natural cosmetic products from akytania: we use less chemical products, natural cosmetic products contain fewer chemical ingredients, which means a lower risk to health. This also reduces the long-term damage to the skin and the potential dangers associated with the common chemicals used in many conventional brands. We use organic ingredients: cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin from akytania contain up to 100% organic ingredients or ingredients of natural origin, which means that there is a greater level of quality and confidence in the products from the consumer.

By eliminating all chemically synthesized products, and keeping only the ingredients of natural origin, the formulas are more effective since they are made with naturally extracted components; This allows for better results in the short term without causing irritation or damaging the skin over time.

Another advantage of consuming products with ingredients of natural origin is the protection of the animal world (vegan products) and environmental protection. By choosing ethically created products, we not only benefit ourselves but also the environment, since the excessive use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers is avoided during the manufacturing process.

The benefits of vegan cosmetic products are many, including:

1. They are free of animal cruelty: Vegan products do not contain ingredients derived from animals and are manufactured without the practice of animal cruelty. This means that consumers can be sure that their purchases do not involve unnecessary suffering or exploitation of animals.

2. Better for the environment: Vegan production excludes the breeding and intensive use of livestock to obtain raw materials such as lanolin, keratin or collagen. Instead, it uses natural and sustainable ingredients such as vegetable oils, botanical extracts and natural moisturizers to ensure an improvement in the overall health of the skin without compromising our planet.

3. Cheaper: Many well-known brands also offer vegan versions cheaper than the original ones due to the fact that the vegan ingredients have a less expensive preparation. This means that saving money when buying cruelty free cosmetics is totally possible!

4. Good for your health: Some people are wary of prolonged and regular use of chemically synthesized products out of fear of adverse reactions or problems related to the environment; by opting for vegan products, all types of chemical ingredients and preservatives are excluded, and we can feel sure that we are feeding our skin with the best and most natural substrates without any risk to the body.

The benefits of sustainable vegan cosmetic products

1. Less environmental impact: akytania's sustainable and vegan cosmetics products are made with recycled, biodegradable and natural materials. This means that they have a lower impact on the environment than traditional cosmetic products.

2. Greater security for the skin: Most sustainable and vegan cosmetic products do not contain chemical ingredients (only ingredients of natural origin) that are aggressive or harmful to the skin such as parabens, sulfates or phthalates. This means that they are much safer for daily use.

3. Improvement of general health: Due to its plant-based composition and natural minerals, sustainable products offer additional benefits to improve general health, such as antioxidants and specific vitamins that help to stay healthy from the inside to the outside.

4. Animal protection: Many times conventional brands use animals to carry out cruelly unnecessary tests on their products before launch, but companies committed to caring for the environment would never do this as it is against their ethical and moral values.

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