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Body oil, the best ally for your skin

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Body oil, the best ally for your skin

In the previous post we talked about two essential cosmetic products for skin care: the body scrub and the body oil, and today we want to talk a little more in depth about the body oil.

More and more people are becoming oil lovers: aren’t you one of them because you don’t know what its function is? Or have you simply never tried body oil because you think that applying a moisturizer is enough? Well, keep reading because today we are going to explain the benefits of incorporating body oil into your body care ritual.

What is body oil and what is it for?

Body oil is a product specially designed to provide deep hydration to your skin. But how? Well, the skin naturally produces sebum as a resource to protect itself, so by applying a protective film such as body oil on it, we will be able to retain moisture much better and slow down skin dehydration, as sebum production slows down over the years.

Also, contrary to what you may think, body oil is quickly absorbed, so your skin will drink it like water!

For this reason, it is very important to use body oil in times such as after the summer, when your skin is damaged by the sun and the beach, or in winter, when the skin is especially dry due to the cold, in order to provide it with deep hydration.

But be careful! That doesn't mean you shouldn't use a body oil at other times of the year. We tell you why!

Benefits of body oil

Incorporate the oil into your care ritual…

We all like the feeling of deeply hydrated skin and we like even more to know that we are not only moisturizing it, we are giving it much more. Adding essential oils to your beauty routine will help keep your skin healthy.

That's exactly what body oils do. Depending on the combination of oils they incorporate in their formula, body oils can have different benefits: for example, they can help reduce cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks, help tone and reduce photoaging, improve circulation...

…and also in your relaxation ritual

Have you had a stressful day? Take a good shower and save a few minutes to apply or massage yourself a good body oil: thanks to its active ingredients and aromas, it will help you relax and calm down, and give you that little moment of well-being that is sometimes difficult to find in your daily routine.

Body oils for all skin types

Are you wondering if your skin type is suitable for using a body oil? Do you have oily skin and the use of oils scares you? Well, don't worry because oils are suitable for all skin types: normal, sensitive, mixed, oily, mature, acne-prone skin... all of them! The only thing you have to do is look at what oils its formula contains.

Here is a small guide to some of the most common oils, what type of skin it is indicated for and what benefits it brings!

Argan oil

This oil is very nourishing without being greasy, so it does not generate black spots and is suitable for dry, oily or acne-prone skin. In addition, it contains antioxidants that delay the appearance of wrinkles and has healing properties that help eliminate acne spots.

Almond oil

This oil contains Vitamin E, which helps prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. It also has repairing and soothing properties that help soften the skin and calm topical irritations such as dermatitis, making it perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types.

Centella asiatica oil

The most interesting thing about this oil is that it has great regenerating power that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, in addition to its reducing effect. This makes it ideal for tightening the skin and treating cellulite, and especially suitable for dry, mature or wrinkled skin.

Jojoba oil

It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, but the most interesting thing about this oil is that it improves sebum imbalances, so it helps treat acne. It is perfect for mixed skin, as it is also very moisturizing, which improves cell regeneration and helps increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin and keep it hydrated.

Body oil vs moisturizer: are they the same?

The answer is NO. The truth is that, although they may seem to perform the same function, the two products are complementary.

It all lies in the formula. While the cream is water-based, the body oil is made up, pardon for the redundancy, of vegetable oils. It is for this reason that, although both help to protect the skin and keep it hydrated, the cream will hydrate the skin by providing water, while the oil will create a protective barrier to prevent water loss.

This is also the reason why the mode of application is different. The cream is recommended to be applied on dry skin, whereas the body oil is best applied on damp skin to avoid a sticky feeling.

Therefore, the best recommendation is not to go for cream or oil, but to find the combination that works best for your skin ?

Natural oils that can help your skin

Do you want to start in the world of body oils? Our recommendation is Multipower Oil from akytania.

This oil is formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin, including argan oil, rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and many antioxidants that provide protective and nutritional properties; centella asiatica oil has anti-aging, moisturizing and firming properties; and sweet almond oil, which helps to soften the skin and reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Multipower Oil

If you combine these essential oils with a gentle massage, you will not only make your skin much more nourished, but you will to help combat cellulite and sagging, strengthen and firm the skin, and stimulate circulation.

And all this is not just said by us, it is also proven by the effectiveness tests carried out. Most users notice more hydrated and softer skin, and almost half notice a reduction in cellulite and a more shaped figure after using this body oil. If you want to find out more information about the oil and its effectiveness test, you can consult it HERE.

Start taking care of your skin now!

The secret of Multipower Oil Firming Oil and Crazy Scrub Exfoliator

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