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Discover the daily facial cleansing routine

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In this post, we reveal the essentials for a complete daily facial routine. Removing make-up, toning, moisturizing and leaving the skin ready to apply subsequent facial care treatments are the keys to a complete daily facial routine, but a deep and restorative facial cleansing is essential to eliminate any toxins and impurities from the skin to leave it ready for the application of any face treatment.

The akytania team wants to show you the real steps through a simple routine using the whole akytania facial cosmetics range.

Facial skin needs a daily facial cleansing routine, and in addition to this and to achieve beautiful and radiant skin, it is advisable to do a deep and restorative facial cleansing at least once a week.

First step: Remove your makeup

facial cleansing routine - step 1

Makeup must be removed at the end of the day. Keep in mind that makeup is like a layer that covers the skin and does not allow it to breathe naturally. If we do not remove the makeup with adequate cleaning, the makeup could clog the pores of the skin and accelerate its aging. Tip: Don't sleep in makeup!

The makeup can be removed in many ways, but we recommend  to follow a daily facial cleansing routine with facial cleansing products.

The first product in the facial cleansing routine is akytania's Herbal Infusion micellar water, which removes all traces of makeup and impurities.

For a deep facial cleansing, use the facial cleansing routine with akytania products. We recommend it for all types of makeup.

With a deep facial cleansing, blackheads and pore obstructions are eliminated and the correct regulation of sebum in the skin of the face is favored.

Shine bright with this akytania deep facial cleansing routine!

herbal infusion

Step two. Cleanse the skin

facial cleansing routine - step 2

Let's continue with the Foam Bubbles facial cleansing soap!

With the Foam Bubbles facial cleansing soap we will eliminate the remains that may have stayed after cleansing with the Herbal Infusion micellar water.

akytania's new launch is the Foam Bubbles facial cleansing soap. The Foam Bubbles facial cleansing soap is applied to the skin with the fingers massaging in circles for at least one minute.

Once applied to the skin, remove the Foam Bubbles facial cleansing soap with plenty of water or a damp make-up remover pad.

Skin is now ready to be treated! Once we have clean skin thanks to the facial cleansing routine, we can apply the subsqeuent treatment routines.

Soon on the akytania blog we will show you the following routines. Pay attention to the akytania blog and the social networks to find out more.

foam bubbles

akytania presents the new Skin Activator facial toner.

skin activator

Step three. Prepare your skin for the application of facial care treatments

facial cleansing routine - step 3

akytania Skin Activator Natural Frequent Use Facial Toner will help purify, tone and soothe your skin.

Its natural formula helps eliminate toxins, close pores and relieve skin irritation.

akytania Skin Activator natural facial toner for frequent use refreshes the skin, leaving it ready for hydration, with active ingredients that help eliminate toxins, close pores and relieve facial skin irritations.

Skin Activator natural frequent use facial toner, with 83% ingredients of natural origin, formulated to help prepare the skin for hydration. The use of this facial toner helps prevent the skin from drying out excessively, with an effect that helps calm, tone and balance the face.

It incorporates Himalayan Water, White Nettle Extract and Tila Water, which help refresh, hydrate and purify the skin. A combination of energy and freshness for the end of the daily facial routine.

Spoiler: It's the perfect trio!

herbal infusionfoam bubblesskin activator

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